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Counterpoint - A European survey

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E-mail: redaktion@e-politik.de
Artikel vom: 28.08.2000

Wo wären Sie gerne geboren, wenn nicht in Europa? Crossroads-Editor James Allen von Living Bridges hat Menschen aus Europa diese Frage gestellt. Und ganz unterschiedliche Antworten bekommen.

Daneben hat er Nicht-Europäer gefragt, woher aus Europa sie gerne wären. Das ganze nennt er: A European survey that is out of this world.

Here we go:

The Europeans

Emmanuel Kaspereit, France:
"I would have liked to be from Quebec because it's culturally the closest country from France, outside Europe. And you know how much I love my country...."

Irham Ceco, Bosnia:
"Well I just wish I were born in the USA, for all that Land of the Brave and Home of the Free bull thing really sticks with me. Something as close to Balkans spirit as you get without going to Russia. Yeah, that too. I'd wish I were born on a freaking KOLHOZ in Siberia. Would I still count for European? Hehehe."

Florian Wenzel, Germany:
"If I weren´t born in Europe, I would like to be from a place where the climate is gentle and the food original with lots of fish - I think that really would help me to find my place. Maybe an island not too small -for living a sort of 'simple' life, enclosed and satisfied with what is there and yet seeing the richness of the word. But in writing I realize that with all my criticisms I still would like to come from a culture that somehow connects with the world and is not too marginalized. I have never been there, but maybe a Spanish speaking island somewhere close to South America could fulfill this dream of being home and yet live the world"

Marta Machado, Portugal
"Brazil - because they're so carefree and have such an amazing love for life. And the food and the music, of course."

Nick Woodruff, UK
"Argentina - because of my ancestors"

Mattias Jansson, Sweden
"If I wasn't born in Sweden, I would like to be born in... Japan!!! Of course, this isn't so very strange, since I was moved to Japan when I was two months old. It wouldn't change much would it. So if it's not Japan, I would like to have been born in Canada. It's cold, and scandinavian in it's international policy. And it's the only country to have taken Washington in a war. Muhaha!"

Morgane, France
"I would choose Laos, a country whose national catchphrase is "Bo pe niang", meaning "it doesn't matter, don't worry about it". It's the country of the siesta and beautiful countryside. The past, and day-to-day life there are not as hard as in neighbouring countries, but at the same time, there are thousands of things that need doing: building roads and overhauling the political, social and educational arsenal. The people are astoundingly welcoming, no matter what their conditions. A papaya salad, while listening to the monkeys and watching the Mekong flow."

Alex Botezatu, Moldova:
"If I were born outside Europe I'd like to have been born in the mountains of Tibet or India."

Per Haglund, Sweden
"I'd choose Japan because I feel that the Japanese have a very strong sense of community."

Laure Trebosc, France
"Russia - because I thrive on understanding Russian politics. I don't understand why the Russians go through what they go through. I don't understand why they let themselves be victimised. I want to understand the Russians."

Trond Kvisgaard, Norway
"I think Honduras, and one of the Bay Islands just off the north coast. Roatan, the bigger of the three, has a lax atmosphere like nothing the common European has seen (I think). Especially the last two-three decades which I've lived, it's really developed from something like our 17th century agriculture style and into a touristic and developed society. It still has a way to go with infrastructure and a lot of the services we take for granted, but maybe this is exactly what they should keep the way it is."

Luca Pupulin, Italy
"I think it would have to be on an infamous little island in the middle of nowhere. Moi together with a variety of international models (exclusively female type). The reason? All for the stimulating intellectual debate of course.... Also, a genetic continuation of LB (alongside Mini Bridges)?"

Michael Epstein, UK
"Russia - because it's the great unknown. No one knows anything about it. I think it would be interesting."

Philipp Singler, Germany
"OK, if I think of countries outside of Europe, I think most of them are interesting. So I do the drop out method:

  • Not Asia: culture too foreign, difficult to imagine, way of handling life much less too liberal, esp. attitude to jobs
  • Not Africa: great continent, maybe, or better definitely too dangerous for family life (long-term)
  • Not North America: I cannot deal with this culture at all. A few spots in Canada would be nice. Most important points: nature, therefore natural way of bringing up. USA: too superficial society. Hypermobile, too little connection to its origins.
  • Latin America and Australia/New Zealand left:
    • New Zealand: Natural environment. Immigration country, therefore multi-spirit and liberal. Well balanced system.
    • Latin America: Very emotional way of living: traditional family structure gives a good base. Most of the time easy attitude towards problems. Not so everything-must-be-well-ordered mentality."

Maria Fola, Greece
"Well, I'd like to be born in South America, no reason really, I guess because it is South... and it is America!"

Robin Harris, UK
"I've got a couple of mates from Mauritius and it sounds pretty chilled and cool. I wouldn't want to have stayed there, but it's a nice place to have been born and bred."

Jörg Tremmel, Germany
"I would like to be born in South America because I like the purity of this continent (and the chicas). My favourite country would be Brazil."

And these are a few views from the other side:

Trent Greenwood, South Africa
"Well, if I were a European, then I would probably head for a nation like...Austria. It's the call of them snowy mountains combined with their nicely diluted German efficiency without compromising humour. Ideal!"

Ghada Abusinn, Sudan
"I think I could live in a European city, such as London, maybe this is because Dubai is somewhat like a European city, and I lived much of my life here. But the problem is not here, it is from the society and the people around me. My family won't accept my living there unless there is a very strong purpose for doing so, for example studying or doing my postgraduate studies (work is not a good reason or gaining money is not too, in fact studying is the only reason for a single girl!!!). They think it is not safe and not right to live there because of the violence and the girl should always be protected by a man who should be her husband or a first degree relative."

Jimmy Au, Hong Kong
"Italy - Its stylish and fashionable, great food, and I like the way they play football. Its tactical."

Rania Yahya, Sudan
"I think it will be London, because my father was doing his postgraduate studies and then worked there for six years. I was not born there, because my mother wanted her mum with her during labour! I think London is better than other European cities for Muslims, because it is full of them and there is a lot of Sudanese there and Arabs who are well practicing Islam. But if you want the real truth, I don't like to raise my children in a Western city, I can't control their attitudes after a certain age. It will be very hard to convince them in the middle of all this freedom. At the same time I can't stand my son coming home drunk one day or my daughter coming and telling me that she is pregnant! which is a normal thing there!!!! I can live there, because I am old enough to decide what is right and what is wrong and I can choose what suits me, but for raising children there it differs a lot."

Pete Grucca, USA
"Poland - The chicks are hot, I speak the lingo and that's where my family is originally from."

Im angeschlossenen Forum können Sie uns Ihre Meinung geben: Wo wären Sie gerne geboren, wenn nicht in Europa?


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