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„WAVE magazine“ was created to gather people together in an international team with primary goals to promote communication and cooperation and to make youth closer through the permanent contacts across borders. Today, we hope to see our web magazine as one of the very important online media on international level. By Marko Andrejić (WAVE Magazine Belgrade, SERBIA)

The first issue of International Youth Web Magazine “WAVE” was published / launched on in November 2006, as a second project of students and youth organization „World Youth Wave – Serbia“ (Belgrade, Serbia). Since then, already 21 months in a row, editorial staff and supporting team create new issue on 10th day in a month, and the last news comes with July issue, last month – second language edition is launched, in Serbian. Quite obvious, this is because founders and main editors are from Serbia, so it was the easiest way, but plans are very ambitious and places (“buttons”) for some other languages are ready, too.

Globalization or – how everything started?

Idea for creating WAVE magazine has appeared in summer 2006 just after the first International Student Week in Belgrade, ISWiB – international students conference and the first project of “World Youth Wave – Serbia”. This interesting meeting has just confirmed that young people from Serbia, but also everywhere else, understand what globalization is, and they are willing to cooperate across borders in different ways. ISWiB has become a member of SORCE Network, international student conferences all around Europe but the problem for youth was timing – these conferences are organized only once a year or even every second year. And what should we do in meantime?

Gathering people together in an international team of journalists, translators, photographers, webmasters… was quite a logic answer. Maybe we can’t meet each other so often but we certainly can work together and keep in touch. That’s why the primary goals of the project were: promoting of communication and cooperation between students and young people all around Europe and world, through working together and creative exchange of ideas, experience and knowledge; establishing professional contacts for possible future cooperation and new projects; widespreading knowledge about topics, phenomenons and important happenings for students and youth (usually the topics that don’t get enough space in classic media); and finally, making youth closer through the permanent international contacts.

International Community

Contacts were established, we have started with phone calls and sending e-mails to our friends, colleagues, youth and journalists’ organizations and in a short period feedback was very optimistic. Editorial staff started with about 25 – 30 people, and now we have more than 40 journalists from all over the world. This number is increasing almost every week, as WAVE magazine today has its own Facebook group, and very good cooperation with colleagues and organizations on international level.

Some of these people are full team members and some of them help us as freelancers. Main task for all the members of Editorial Office is gathering materials and datas, writing articles, taking photos and active participation in preparing the whole magazine. Through our community everybody has a chance to work as reporter, journalist, photographer, translator… and to improve knowledge for some future job and maybe new projects. International communication is going through e-mails, Yahoogroup, Skype conferences, wiki pages… Basic edition is in English but, as I wrote above, we started with Serbian this month and we are planning and have possibility to make more national editions, in different languages, in forthcoming period.

WAVE has started as monthly web magazine, and we are still publishing one issue per month, with contents based on classical weekly or monthly newsmagazine model. That means we have sections like: politics, society, economics, culture & arts, science & tech, sport, entertainment and Topic of the issue that is dealing with the most actual news at the moment. We knew from the very beginning that one issue per month is not the best way to present ourselves online, as Internet demands actual news minute-to-minute, but we still work here as volunteers and that’s why we are happy to see WAVE has survived for almost two years so far. With this kind of situation, we decided to set the standards for WAVE magazine: we have to respect all major principles of journalism – actuality, interesting stories and importance for the society but we are trying to deal more with analytical and investigative journalism, instead of daily actual news. Anyway, in meanwhile we developed the section “World News” and that is, at the moment, our bridge between daily facts and monthly features.

Further Development

As our team is getting bigger and becomes more visible on the “web sky”, more and more young professional journalists come to WAVE magazine or send us e-mails willing to become our correspondents or to help further development of the project. Also, cooperation with international youth and journalistic organizations is getting more intensive, and WAVE magazine is proud to be invited as a guest or participant in different international conferences about journalism and youth projects. That’s where we see our new chance for development and the first step in next few months will be re-scheduling: instead of one issue per month, our team will bring more fresh articles to readers – some of them daily, and most of them weekly. Change like this demands a little bit of re-designing and programming, but the base will stay the same, just like our regular visitors get used to. Instead of Forum we will bring blogs and some other forms of interaction, very important for online media. But, let’s keep some secrets about our plans…

Development of WAVE magazine brought us from the first goals (mentioned above) till today’s most important wish: improving investigative journalism and widening the borders that media can reach with their impact. We consider our international spirit – cooperation between editorial staff from different countries that brings differerent ways and styles of journalistic work into our team – our great and the most important advantage! That gives us opportunity to present actual happenings and interesting topics in one different and new way of communication. Finally, we hope to see International Youth Web Magazine „WAVE“ as one of the very important online media on international level and we consider this youth project very perspective to grow up. But the final word is always up to readers.

All photos are subject to the copyright of Wave Magazine.

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