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Why / has to go international

13.Aug 2008 | Autor: | Kategorie: Medien

Advocating the next step of /, the cooperation with WAVE Magazine presents a great opportunity to write and debate in English. This way, discussions will become more open to a wider public, enabling people from all over Europe to debate with us. Debating in English is more than a means to an end - it is the only way to form public debate online. By Christian Miess

International Youth Journalism

13.Aug 2008 | Autor: | Kategorie: Kooperation mit WAVE Magazine

"WAVE magazine“ was created to gather people together in an international team with primary goals to promote communication and cooperation and to make youth closer through the permanent contacts across borders. Today, we hope to see our web magazine as one of the very important online media on international level. By Marko Andrejić (Belgrade, SERBIA)