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A Soul for Europe?

21.Nov 2008 | Autor: | Kategorie: Europa

The central hall of the Dresdner Bank representation in Berlin was filled with the air of enlightened thought when representatives of politics, economy and the arts came together to seek the soul of Europe. Many a splendid thought was elaborated upon and nobody was short of ideas of what Europe needs now. By Peter Eitel and Christian Miess

Doomsday Futurology?

09.Okt 2008 | Autor: | Kategorie: Internationale Politik

The stars of the United States are waning. Their military might is questioned by insurgents, their economic credibility gone. If America fails to recover, what does this mean for the future of world politics? What will a new world order look like? And what should be the answers of the European Union, of Germany? Realistic answers can only be found by thinking outside the box without rocking the boat. A comment by Peter Eitel